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    How do I make a warranty claim?

    If you’re experiencing any issues with your OHM products, please review the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page. There’s a good chance the issue can be easily resolved. If not, you can open a faulty product case and we’ll do our best to find a remedy. Completing the troubleshooting form is a requirement to open a case and claim a warranty. Please note, in some cases, we will request the faulty product to be returned at our expense to further our product research and development.

    What does the OHM Connect Limited Warranty cover?

    This Limited Warranty covers any material and workmanship defects in products purchased from OHM Connect within the Warranty Period.

    During the Warranty Period, OHM Connect will repair or replace, at no charge, the defective product.

    What does the OHM Connect Limited Warranty not cover?

    The Limited Warranty does not cover shipping charges. Issues arising from improper use or storage are not covered. Any issues that are not caused by defects in material or workmanship are not covered.

    How long is the Warranty Period?

    The Warranty Period begins on the date of purchase and is as follows:

    OHM Cartridges - 45 days

    Portable Charging Cases - 90 days

    Cartridge Batteries - 90 days